Blah with.....Holly Matthews from #TheHappyMeProject | Blah Blah Land Podcast S1 04

Blah with.....Holly Matthews from #TheHappyMeProject | Blah Blah Land Podcast S1 04

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In this Episode of BLAH BLAH LAND I managed to, finally, sit down and record a podcast with the awe-inspiring Holly Matthews! I have known Holly for several years now, and even knew of her back in the day when she was starring on "Byker Grove", and she continues to inspire me on a daily basis. So a few weeks back I managed to start up "SKYPE!" and have a great chat all things.
- Happiness
- Dealing with loss and bereavement
- Her life as an Actress and Pop Star
- #TheHappyMeProject online courses
- The Power of controlling your social media content

and much much more

So, Holly has created an online (and in person) Self Development programme
"Self Development doesn't have to be fancy"
You can check that out here:

I have a personal admiration for Holly and she has continuously inspired and helped me find happiness and structure in my life, without ever having to meet her in person. We discuss in the podcast how powerful it is following the "right" people for "You" and how it can truly help you find your tribe or develop your own sense of worth.

In this podcast, you can hear the authenticity Holly exudes when talking, whether it's about her own achievements or even when she talks about the unfortunate death of her husband. Calling her brave, isn't meant to sound patronising, but she has continued to raise her daughters, assess her life and enhance her happiness through "doing" and not expecting.

Like I have said, Holly is somebody I owe alot of my happiness path finding too, a tiny cog in the process that enabled me to find the correct level and platforms of happiness. Holly is a "No Bullshit Self Development Coach" and her honesty is refreshing.

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The subjects we touch upon, highlight where I envision the podcast to go moving forward. It is a relaxed discussion with opinions that might not always be shared between listeners but valid none the less. I want to maintain open and honest conversations where everyone involved feels a part of it and included.

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