Blah with......Tracey Richardson from Positive in Mind | Blah Blah Land Podcast S1 06

Blah with.....Tracey Richardson from Positive in Mind

Welcome to the podcast of "Blah Blah Land!" The podcast that celebrates people living their best life.

In this episode I sat down to chat with Therapist and Coach Tracey Richardson from "Positive in Mind". I am lucky enough to know Tracey and had several in depth discussions with her, so finally being able to bring a chat to the podcast was a mega win for me. In this episode we "Brought the Blah" by discussing
- Her degree in Happiness Psychology
- Her asthmatic cats(!)
- What it truly means to be happy
And much much more.

We recorded this podcast a few months back, so we don't discuss anything to do with COVID-19 but we do slightly mention it at the beginning, due to lockdown not being a thing as of recording.

Check out Tracey's Facebook Page Positive in Mind for some brilliant videos to check out during COVID-19

The subjects we touch upon, highlight where I envision the podcast to go moving forward. It is a relaxed discussion with opinions that might not always be shared between listeners but valid none the less. I want to maintain open and honest conversations where everyone involved feels a part of it and included.

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What would you like to see more of in future #Blahs?
What does Female Empowerment mean to YOU?
How and what do you do to ensure you maintain a level of happiness?

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