What the F**k happened? - Blah shall return....

 What the F**k happened?....

The Blah Shall return....

I'll be honest, the past 18 months or so have a been a complete write off creatively. I have simply allowed the whole COVID and LIFE issues get the better of me and prevent me from me doing what I love.....Being Creative! 

That is not to say I have been staring at a wall for the past 18 or so months, it just means I have been busy with the following

  • Family Life and staying safe - Let's not forget we have been through a global pandemic, regardless of your beliefs and opinions on the way we have dealt with it, we have been through it nonetheless.
  • Working hard - during a pandemic you do tend to find yourself keeping busy through work, as long as you had one! I was, and am, fortunate to have a job still and kept going. Plus adapting to changes along the way was tough, because I am quite a structural and organised person.
  • Mental Health - Ironic, considering I preach about looking after your mental health and wellbeing in this podcast and blog, but I allowed myself to ignore my own advice and just let it all pile up on top of me! 
So, with it being 2021 and as of writing this, a very fucking hot day in July!, it is time to step back from wasting my time scrolling on social media and start being creative AGAIN! 
I have 2/3 podcasts that I recorded back in August 2020 which I aim to release very soon, as long as the people I recorded them with are still cool with that - I can only apologise for the radio silence on the release but my drive went and editing a podcast and releasing it was the least of my concerns in the past year...….I blame several aspects, including "imposter syndrome".

Anyway, I have podcasts ready to go, which I will re-edit to fit and flow better and I am now ready to continue doing what I wanted to do in the first place.....speak to people!

Over the past year I have raised so much mental health awareness, LGBTQ+ awareness and general #BeKind awareness and I NEVER want that to stop! I want "Blah Blah Land" to be the hub of all things accepting, loving, compassionate and open.
I want to reach out to people who have a voice and a story to tell. 
I want to reach out to those who feel they don't have a place in this world.
I want to ensure I have done something good with my time on the internet rather than "overshared" a photo of my lunch or gotten envious over a false lifestyle on instagram.

So, with that, please expect several more blogs and podcasts coming soon to this website......

Oh, also, I am still looking to do more things over on www.notlistening.co.uk and ALSO I have a new light hearted look back at the "Noughties" on another podcast/website...…I will update with that.


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